Music Program & Schedule

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Music Parents Meeting – Informal Minutes for Dec. 5/2017

In attendance: Jen Kelly, Amanda Batchelor, Donna Montgomery, Erin Gray, Denise Reed, Jenna Hughes, Boon Argyle, Jill Renaud and Shelley Huebner.

Reports and Upcoming Events:

  • “Celebration of Lights” last Sunday – Choir did well. Thanks to Graham.
  • Naden Band – Tues. Dec. 12th 1-3pm * need a few parents  Got parents, thank you!
  • “Sweet Sounds of Christmas” concert Dec. 19th @ 6:30pm (kids arrive at 6pm)


  • Chocolate lollipops – local chocolatier, individuals can choose-opt.
  • Thrifty’s Smile Card – Thanks to Amanda – will hand out before holidays. Music program gets 5% of whatever you load on your card before grocery shopping. Info sheet to come
  • Group vs. Individual fundraising – Howl, concerts, payathon, thrifty’s, 50/50 = group fundraising. Chocolate santas=individual
  • Bottle Depot – Acct #23 – We have an account at “RETURN IT” on Ellery Rd. Will encourage all family and friends to donate their funds from bottles to ACCT. 23 – Thanks to Donna

Howl Reflection  –   Comments?

What should stay/go? Change for next year?

All positive feedback, good event. Mrs. Kelly needs more help with tables and chairs set up during the afternoon.

Buns & veggies to end of chili tables next year.

Vancouver Deposits:

Due next week! Due by Dec. 15th. Cost of trip is based on number of students attending. If students cancel last minute the 2 X $50 non-refundable deposits help cover the cost of their trip.


Students need to purchase before concert!      $10 – students keep shirts

Sweet Sounds of Christmas:

  • Mandatory – attendance part of music students final mark
  • Baked Goods –all music families send a tray of goodies morning of concert with students to be plated and set out for concert
  • Volunteer Sign up – can click on link to sign up to volunteer for concert. Mrs. Kelly will send out.
  • 50/50? Still waiting on license.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm