Deposits and Costs


 Grade 6 Students:

*     One-time Textbook Deposit                                                    $20.00

*     One-time Lock Rental                                                               $ 8.00

*     Project costs for Home Ec and Woodshop                        $20.00    Total:  $48.00

Grade 7 Returning Students:

*     Project costs for Home Ec and Woodshop                             $30.00

Grade 8 Returning Students:

*     Project costs for Home Ec and Woodshop                             $40.00


Grade 7 & 8 Students NEW to the School:

*     One-time $20 Textbook Deposit, one-time $8.00 Lock Rental and above-noted project costs:     New Grade 7 = $58.00        New Grade 8 = $68.00

Textbook Deposit  $20:   Not to be paid by returning students – it is a one-time payment

A refundable deposit of $20.00 is required from all new Rockheights students. This deposit is for educational resource materials such as textbooks and other resource materials. This deposit is refundable when students leave the school provided all materials have been returned.

Lock/Locker Cost  $8:   Not to be paid by returning students – It is a one-time payment

Students pay this once upon entry to Rockheights at any grade level. This non-refundable rental includes the use of a locker and mandatory school issued combination lock. Lockers remain the property of the school. For safety reasons, the school reserves the right to open lockers.

Optional Project Costs:

*    Students will not be required to pay for basic materials for projects which are necessary to meet course requirements.  Under Board Policy, students may only be charged for projects with material costs that enhance the prescribed learning outcomes of the course.

*    From time to time, students may also be charged for the cost of optional field trips in both curricular and non-curricular areas.

*   No student will be denied access to the opportunity to participate because of an inability to pay.  Please contact the classroom teacher or the principal if finances are an issue and a solution will be worked out.  Privacy will be protected.