Human Library Event Fri., Jan 31

Do you have a unique hobby or an interesting job? Are you an entrepreneur, an artist, or do you have a fascinating life story that you would be willing to share? Rockheights is planning a Human Library Event! We are looking for “Human Books” who would be willing to have a conversation with our students.
If you answered yes to any of the above questions then we need you! (Or if you have a friend or relative that you think would be interested, please share this with them as well.)

We know that middle school is a time for students to explore and try new things. Many of you were probably inspired by people you met when you were the age of our students and this is a chance to maybe pass that on to our students. The “Human Library” is an activity where people are the books and students get a chance to meet some adults that are willing to share some of their experiences. It is not about doing a formal presentation about your experiences but rather having an informal conversation with our students about what you have experienced or what inspired you in the direction of your life. Participants can come for a couple of hours, for the morning or afternoon or for the full day depending on your availability.

If you have an artifact(s) that is related to what you do, or have experienced, then you can have them displayed and students will be touring around and asking questions to hear your story.  If you are willing/interested in taking part in this event, then please email Aaron Maxwell at Thanks!