Fri Nov 10 – Remembrance Day Assembly

Rockheights Middle School will be having our annual Remembrance Day assembly on Friday November 10 starting at 10:30am (the gym will be open by 10am). Family and guests are welcome to join us. One piece of the assembly is a slideshow to recognize the various family connections that our students and staff have to the armed forces. If you have a family member that has served, or maybe is currently serving in the armed forces could you please email me ( a photo of the person, including their name and connection to the child at the school. These will be put together into a slideshow that will be incorporated into our assembly.
If you sent in photos last year, I still have them and plan to use them again, but if you are not sure please feel free to send them as having a duplicate is preferable to missing someone out of the video.
Thank you for your support with this and hopefully some of you will be able to join us on the 10th.